About Us

About Hybrid Mind

  • Founded:


  • What we did:

    Implemented www.Priceeagle.in and relevant mobile apps.

  • Our core belief system:

    We believe Indian e:commerce market has lots of potential and this just the beginning. This can be achieved by proper synchronization of physical processes backed up by digital connectivity and intelligence.

  • What we stand for:

    Trusted and unbiased information accessed by us and best understood to our knowledge.

  • Who we are:

    A bunch of open minded and diversified group of people without the barrier of age, gender, religion, language, region, color, race to achieve a common objective of making Priceeagle one of the finest local language price comparison portal.

  • Objective of Priceeagle:

    1. To touch:base nook and corner of the country by providing e:commerce related information to small towns even villages. 2. It is done by providing information in major Indian regional languages. 3. Tocompare prices of branded products. 4. To aggregate common day to day products and services in one single platform. 5. In summary tosave time and money of the e:commerce customers.

  • Our key strength:

    Research based decision making and execution

  • Our ultimate goal:

    Making Priceeagle more intelligent, customer friendly and value loaded.

  • Why should you work here:

    We work like a football team, we pass the ball/knowledge every moment so that we learn from each other. It is a knowledge center without just boring book reading. It’s great fun to work here.